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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Rutelidae, Geniates
Geniates affinis, Geniates balzapambae, Geniates barbatus, Geniates bituberculatus, Geniates borelli, Geniates castaneus, Geniates clavipalpus, Geniates convexus, Geniates corniger, Geniates cornutus, Geniates cylindricus, Geniates distans, Geniates flaviventris, Geniates fuscescens, Geniates fuscicollis, Geniates impressicollis, Geniates impressifrons, Geniates incertus, Geniates inconstans, Geniates isthmicus, Geniates leptopus, Geniates multicornis, Geniates octavius, Geniates palliatus, Geniates pallidus, Geniates punctipennis, Geniates relictus, Geniates rufescens, Geniates rugicollis, Geniates rugosus, Geniates sericeus, Geniates spinolae, Geniates spurius, Geniates subsericeus, Geniates truquii, Geniates verticalis, Geniates werneri