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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliales, Annonaceae, Cremastosperma
Cremastosperma brevipes, Cremastosperma cauliflorum, Cremastosperma gracilipes, Cremastosperma leiophyllum, Cremastosperma longicuspe, Cremastosperma macrocarpum, Cremastosperma megalophyllum, Cremastosperma microcarpum, Cremastosperma monospermum, Cremastosperma novogranatense, Cremastosperma oblongum, Cremastosperma pacificum, Cremastosperma panamense, Cremastosperma pedunculatum, Cremastosperma pendulum, Cremastosperma peruvianum, Cremastosperma venezuelanum, Cremastosperma antioquense, Cremastosperma awaense, Cremastosperma chococola, Cremastosperma dolichocarpum, Cremastosperma longipes, Cremastosperma magdalenae, Cremastosperma napoense, Cremastosperma stenophyllum, Cremastosperma westrae, Cremastosperma cenepense, Cremastosperma bullatum, Cremastosperma yamayakatense