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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliales, Annonaceae, Duguetia
Duguetia flagellaris, Duguetia salicifolia, Duguetia aberrans, Duguetia amplexifolia, Duguetia antioquensis, Duguetia argentea, Duguetia asterotricha, Duguetia bahiensis, Duguetia cadaverica, Duguetia calycina, Duguetia caniflora, Duguetia cauliflora, Duguetia chrysea, Duguetia colombiana, Duguetia confusa, Duguetia decurrens, Duguetia dicholepidota, Duguetia dimorphopetala, Duguetia duckei, Duguetia echinophora, Duguetia elliptica, Duguetia eximia, Duguetia furfuracea, Duguetia gardneriana, Duguetia glabriuscula, Duguetia guianensis, Duguetia hadrantha, Duguetia inconspicua, Duguetia lanceolata, Duguetia latifolia, Duguetia lepidota, Duguetia longicuspis, Duguetia lucida, Duguetia macrocalyx, Duguetia macrophylla, Duguetia magnolioidea, Duguetia manausensis, Duguetia marcgraviana, Duguetia megalocarpa, Duguetia megalophylla, Duguetia microphylla, Duguetia moricandiana, Duguetia neglecta, Duguetia oblanceolata, Duguetia oblongifolia, Duguetia odorata, Duguetia oligocarpa, Duguetia panamensis, Duguetia paraënsis, Duguetia pauciflora, Duguetia peruviana, Duguetia pohliana, Duguetia pycnastera, Duguetia quitarensis, Duguetia restingae, Duguetia reticulata, Duguetia riberensis, Duguetia riedeliana, Duguetia rigida, Duguetia rionegrensis, Duguetia riparia, Duguetia rotundifolia, Duguetia sancticaroli, Duguetia schulzii, Duguetia scottmorii, Duguetia sessilis, Duguetia spixiana, Duguetia stelechantha, Duguetia stenantha, Duguetia subcordata, Duguetia surinamensis, Duguetia tenuis, Duguetia tobagensis, Duguetia trunciflora, Duguetia tuberculata, Duguetia ulei, Duguetia uniflora, Duguetia vallicola, Duguetia venezuelana, Duguetia yeshidan, Duguetia phaeoclados, Duguetia aripuanae, Duguetia chrysocarpa, Duguetia gentryi, Duguetia granvilleana, Duguetia nitida, Duguetia ruboides, Duguetia sooretamae, Duguetia staudtii, Duguetia confinis, Duguetia barteri, Duguetia dilabens, Duguetia arenicola, Duguetia vaupesana