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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliales, Annonaceae, Guatteria
Guatteria ovalifolia, Guatteria atabapensis, Guatteria acutiflora, Guatteria acutissima, Guatteria aeruginosa, Guatteria alata, Guatteria allenii, Guatteria alta, Guatteria alutacea, Guatteria amplifolia, Guatteria anomala, Guatteria asplundiana, Guatteria atra, Guatteria augusti, Guatteria australis, Guatteria axilliflora, Guatteria bahiensis, Guatteria blainii, Guatteria boliviana, Guatteria brachypoda, Guatteria brevipedicellata, Guatteria calimensis, Guatteria calliantha, Guatteria campestris, Guatteria candolleana, Guatteria caniflora, Guatteria cardoniana, Guatteria cargadero, Guatteria caribaea, Guatteria cestrifolia, Guatteria chasmantha, Guatteria chiriquiensis, Guatteria chocoënsis, Guatteria chrysophylla, Guatteria cinnamomea, Guatteria citriodora, Guatteria clusiifolia, Guatteria collina, Guatteria columbiana, Guatteria conspicua, Guatteria coriacea, Guatteria costaricencis, Guatteria crassipes, Guatteria cuatrecasasii, Guatteria cubensis, Guatteria curvipetala, Guatteria decandra, Guatteria decurrens, Guatteria denudata, Guatteria diospyroides, Guatteria discolor, Guatteria dolichophylla, Guatteria dolichopoda, Guatteria duckeana, Guatteria dumetorum, Guatteria dura, Guatteria ecuadorensis, Guatteria elata, Guatteria elegantissima, Guatteria elliptica, Guatteria elongata, Guatteria eriopoda, Guatteria eugeniifolia, Guatteria excelsa, Guatteria eximia, Guatteria ferruginea, Guatteria flexilis, Guatteria foliosa, Guatteria galeottiana, Guatteria gamosepala, Guatteria glauca, Guatteria goudotiana, Guatteria gracilipes, Guatteria grandiflora, Guatteria guentheri, Guatteria guentheriana, Guatteria guianensis, Guatteria heterotricha, Guatteria hirsuta, Guatteria hyposericea, Guatteria insculpta, Guatteria insignis, Guatteria inundata, Guatteria jamundensis, Guatteria jefensis, Guatteria jurgensenii, Guatteria juruensis, Guatteria krukoffii, Guatteria lanceolata, Guatteria latifolia, Guatteria latipetala, Guatteria latisepala, Guatteria laurina, Guatteria lawrancei, Guatteria lehmannii, Guatteria leiocarpa, Guatteria liesneri, Guatteria longedecurrens, Guatteria longepetiolata, Guatteria longestipitata, Guatteria longicuspis, Guatteria longipes, Guatteria lucens, Guatteria lucida, Guatteria macrocalyx, Guatteria macropetala, Guatteria macropus, Guatteria maguirei, Guatteria maypurensis, Guatteria megalophylla, Guatteria melinii, Guatteria meliodora, Guatteria metensis, Guatteria mexiae, Guatteria microcarpa, Guatteria modesta, Guatteria monticola, Guatteria myriocarpa, Guatteria notabilis, Guatteria novogranatensis, Guatteria oblanceolata, Guatteria obliqua, Guatteria oblonga, Guatteria oblongifolia, Guatteria obovata, Guatteria occidentalis, Guatteria odorata, Guatteria oligocarpa, Guatteria olivacea, Guatteria oliviformis, Guatteria ouregou, Guatteria pacifica, Guatteria paludosa, Guatteria panamensis, Guatteria paraënsis, Guatteria parviflora, Guatteria pastazae, Guatteria pavonii, Guatteria peckoltiana, Guatteria persicifolia, Guatteria peruviana, Guatteria petiolata, Guatteria phanerocampta, Guatteria pilosula, Guatteria pittieri, Guatteria platyphylla, Guatteria poeppigiana, Guatteria pogonopus, Guatteria pohliana, Guatteria polyantha, Guatteria procera, Guatteria pteropus, Guatteria pubens, Guatteria punctata, Guatteria quinduensis, Guatteria recurvisepala, Guatteria reticulata, Guatteria richardii, Guatteria rigida, Guatteria rigidipes, Guatteria riparia, Guatteria rotundata, Guatteria rubrinervis, Guatteria rufotomentosa, Guatteria rupestris, Guatteria sabuletorum, Guatteria saffordiana, Guatteria sagotiana, Guatteria scalarinervia, Guatteria scandens, Guatteria schlechtendaliana, Guatteria schomburgkiana, Guatteria schunkevigoi, Guatteria scytophylla, Guatteria sellowiana, Guatteria sessilicarpa, Guatteria slateri, Guatteria sodiroi, Guatteria speciosa, Guatteria spectabilis, Guatteria sphaerantha, Guatteria stenopetala, Guatteria stipitata, Guatteria subsessilis, Guatteria sylvicola, Guatteria tenera, Guatteria terminalis, Guatteria tessmannii, Guatteria tomentosa, Guatteria tonduzii, Guatteria trichoclonia, Guatteria trichostemon, Guatteria ucayaliana, Guatteria umbonata, Guatteria umbrosa, Guatteria venezuelana, Guatteria verrucosa, Guatteria verruculosa, Guatteria villosissima, Guatteria viridiflora, Guatteria wachenheimii, Guatteria wessels-boerii, Guatteria williamsii, Guatteria xylopioides, Guatteria blepharophylla, Guatteria berteriana, Guatteria choroniensis, Guatteria cuspidata, Guatteria heteropetala, Guatteria neglecta, Guatteria oxycarpa, Guatteria prinoides, Guatteria eriantha, Guatteria alticola, Guatteria ayangannae, Guatteria pakaraimae, Guatteria partangensis, Guatteria wokomungensis, Guatteria spatulata, Guatteria pondok, Guatteria aberrans, Guatteria acrantha, Guatteria reinaldii, Guatteria rostrata, Guatteria zamorae, Guatteria macrocarpus, Guatteria pudica, Guatteria talamancana, Guatteria intermedia, Guatteria montis-trinitatis, Guatteria anthracina, Guatteria elegans, Guatteria leucotricha, Guatteria minutiflora, Guatteria pannosa, Guatteria friesiana, Guatteria hispida, Guatteria cryandra, Guatteria ramiflora, Guatteria campinensis, Guatteria trichocarpa, Guatteria anteridifera, Guatteria arenicola, Guatteria argentea, Guatteria brevipetiolata, Guatteria confusa, Guatteria duodecima, Guatteria flabellata, Guatteria flagelliflora, Guatteria fractiflexa, Guatteria gentryi, Guatteria grandipes, Guatteria japurensis, Guatteria venosa, Guatteria castilloi, Guatteria pachyphylla, Guatteria sanctae-crucis, Guatteria flavicans, Guatteria griseifolia, Guatteria emarginata, Guatteria stenocarpa