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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliales, Annonaceae, Artabotrys
Artabotrys hexapetalus, Artabotrys suaveolens, Artabotrys stenopetalus, Artabotrys insignis, Artabotrys rhynchocarpus, Artabotrys multiflorus, Artabotrys hongkongensis, Artabotrys fragrans, Artabotrys pilosus, Artabotrys punctulatus, Artabotrys hainanensis, Artabotrys pierreanus, Artabotrys le-testui, Artabotrys thomsonii, Artabotrys crassipetalus, Artabotrys aurantiacus, Artabotrys rufus, Artabotrys lastoursvillensis, Artabotrys antunesii, Artabotrys brachypetalus, Artabotrys coccineus, Artabotrys collinus, Artabotrys congolensis, Artabotrys dahomensis, Artabotrys dielsianus, Artabotrys gossweileri, Artabotrys hispidus, Artabotrys jacques-felicis, Artabotrys jollyanus, Artabotrys libericus, Artabotrys likimensis, Artabotrys macrophyllus, Artabotrys modestus, Artabotrys monteiroae, Artabotrys oliganthus, Artabotrys palustris, Artabotrys robustus, Artabotrys rupestris, Artabotrys stolzii, Artabotrys velutinus, Artabotrys polygynus, Artabotrys inodorus, Artabotrys siamensis, Artabotrys madagascariensis, Artabotrys blumei, Artabotrys intermedius, Artabotrys sumatranus, Artabotrys longistigmatus, Artabotrys porphyrifolius, Artabotrys tomentosus, Artabotrys hirtipes, Artabotrys luteus, Artabotrys cumingianus, Artabotrys vidaliana, Artabotrys nicobarianus, Artabotrys zeylanicus, Artabotrys caudatus, Artabotrys burmanicus, Artabotrys scortechinii, Artabotrys stolonifer, Artabotrys costatus, Artabotrys gracilis, Artabotrys grandifolius, Artabotrys lowianus, Artabotrys oblongus, Artabotrys oxycarpus, Artabotrys venustus, Artabotrys wrayi, Artabotrys camptopetala, Artabotrys harmandii, Artabotrys rolfei, Artabotrys kurzii, Artabotrys crassifolius, Artabotrys pleurocarpus, Artabotrys speciosus, Artabotrys maingayi, Artabotrys scytophyllus, Artabotrys luxurians, Artabotrys lanuginosus, Artabotrys brevipes, Artabotrys oblanceolatus, Artabotrys spinosus, Artabotrys vanprukii, Artabotrys uniflorus, Artabotrys nigericus, Artabotrys cagayensis, Artabotrys petelotii, Artabotrys pallens, Artabotrys vinhensis, Artabotrys arachnoides, Artabotrys aeneus, Artabotrys carnosipetalus, Artabotrys darainensis, Artabotrys atractocarpus, Artabotrys hienianus, Artabotrys kinabaluensis, Artabotrys macropodus, Artabotrys ochropetalus, Artabotrys pandanicarpus, Artabotrys phuongianus, Artabotrys sarawakensis, Artabotrys taynguyenensis, Artabotrys tetramerus, Artabotrys veldkampii, Artabotrys vietnamensis, Artabotrys roseus