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Catalogue of Life
Amphibians and Reptiles
Animalia, Chordata, Amphibia, Anura, Hemiphractidae, Gastrotheca
Gastrotheca angustifrons, Gastrotheca christiani, Gastrotheca cornuta, Gastrotheca ernestoi, Gastrotheca fissipes, Gastrotheca gracilis, Gastrotheca helenae, Gastrotheca longipes, Gastrotheca marsupiata, Gastrotheca microdiscus, Gastrotheca nicefori, Gastrotheca ovifera, Gastrotheca peruana, Gastrotheca plumbea, Gastrotheca testudinea, Gastrotheca weinlandii, Gastrotheca williamsoni, Gastrotheca griswoldi, Gastrotheca guentheri, Gastrotheca abdita, Gastrotheca albolineata, Gastrotheca andaquiensis, Gastrotheca antomia, Gastrotheca argenteovirens, Gastrotheca aureomaculata, Gastrotheca bufona, Gastrotheca chrysosticta, Gastrotheca dendronastes, Gastrotheca dunni, Gastrotheca espeletia, Gastrotheca excubitor, Gastrotheca galeata, Gastrotheca lateonota, Gastrotheca lauzuricae, Gastrotheca litonedis, Gastrotheca monticola, Gastrotheca ochoai, Gastrotheca orophylax, Gastrotheca pacchamama, Gastrotheca pseustes, Gastrotheca psychrophila, Gastrotheca rebeccae, Gastrotheca riobambae, Gastrotheca ruizi, Gastrotheca splendens, Gastrotheca stictopleura, Gastrotheca trachyceps, Gastrotheca walkeri, Gastrotheca atympana, Gastrotheca carinaceps, Gastrotheca flamma, Gastrotheca fulvorufa, Gastrotheca ossilaginis, Gastrotheca phalarosa, Gastrotheca piperata, Gastrotheca pulchra, Gastrotheca zeugocystis