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Catalogue of Life
Plantae, Tracheophyta, Magnoliopsida, Magnoliales, Annonaceae, Polyalthia
Polyalthia suberosa, Polyalthia verrucipes, Polyalthia litseifolia, Polyalthia fragrans, Polyalthia simiarum, Polyalthia viridis, Polyalthia cerasoides, Polyalthia florulenta, Polyalthia laui, Polyalthia longifolia, Polyalthia obliqua, Polyalthia lancilimba, Polyalthia rumphii, Polyalthia cinnamomea, Polyalthia persicifolia, Polyalthia mossambicensis, Polyalthia stuhlmannii, Polyalthia tanganyikensis, Polyalthia verdcourtii, Polyalthia subcordata, Polyalthia bembau, Polyalthia brevipedunculata, Polyalthia lateriflora, Polyalthia canangioides, Polyalthia forbesii, Polyalthia hirta, Polyalthia trichoneura, Polyalthia chloroxantha, Polyalthia papuana, Polyalthia elegans, Polyalthia oblongifolia, Polyalthia microtus, Polyalthia sakumbangensis, Polyalthia celebica, Polyalthia elliptica, Polyalthia rufescens, Polyalthia lateritia, Polyalthia brunneifolia, Polyalthia hirtifolia, Polyalthia glabra, Polyalthia cauliflora, Polyalthia motleyana, Polyalthia chlorantha, Polyalthia igniflora, Polyalthia tipuliflora, Polyalthia montis-silam, Polyalthia endertii, Polyalthia castanea, Polyalthia flava, Polyalthia gracilis, Polyalthia palawanensis, Polyalthia glandulosa, Polyalthia gracilipes, Polyalthia anomala, Polyalthia barnesii, Polyalthia similis, Polyalthia insignis, Polyalthia flagellaris, Polyalthia laddiana, Polyalthia angustifolia, Polyalthia habrotricha, Polyalthia capillata, Polyalthia amoena, Polyalthia amygdalina, Polyalthia vitiensis, Polyalthia loriformis, Polyalthia asteriella, Polyalthia affinis, Polyalthia kingii, Polyalthia michaelii, Polyalthia australis, Polyalthia scortechinii, Polyalthia borneensis, Polyalthia lopadantha, Polyalthia decora, Polyalthia nitidissima, Polyalthia bullata, Polyalthia dumosa, Polyalthia hookeriana, Polyalthia hypogaea, Polyalthia k√ľnstleri, Polyalthia pachyphylla, Polyalthia sumatrana, Polyalthia teysmannii, Polyalthia leptopoda, Polyalthia thorelii, Polyalthia evecta, Polyalthia luensis, Polyalthia harmandii, Polyalthia corticosa, Polyalthia stenopetala, Polyalthia debilis, Polyalthia sessiliflora, Polyalthia rubra, Polyalthia venosa, Polyalthia elongata, Polyalthia ramiflora, Polyalthia zamboangaensis, Polyalthia sclerophylla, Polyalthia korinti, Polyalthia angustielliptica, Polyalthia keraudrenii, Polyalthia multistamina, Polyalthia pendula, Polyalthia sambiranensis, Polyalthia angustissima, Polyalthia barenensis, Polyalthia bracteosa, Polyalthia ceramensis, Polyalthia chrysotricha, Polyalthia clemensorum, Polyalthia congesta, Polyalthia cratiensis, Polyalthia pumila, Polyalthia socia, Polyalthia humblotii, Polyalthia henricii, Polyalthia perrieri, Polyalthia dictyoneura, Polyalthia microsepala, Polyalthia parviflora, Polyalthia obtusa, Polyalthia jambosifolia, Polyalthia polyphlebia, Polyalthia odoardi, Polyalthia bifaria, Polyalthia patinata, Polyalthia kanchanaburiana, Polyalthia floribunda, Polyalthia minima, Polyalthia moonii, Polyalthia sinclairiana, Polyalthia dolichopoda, Polyalthia amicorum, Polyalthia tsiangiana, Polyalthia meghalayensis, Polyalthia amischocarpa, Polyalthia andamanica, Polyalthia beamaniorum, Polyalthia bromantha, Polyalthia charitopoda, Polyalthia ichthyosma, Polyalthia kinabaluensis, Polyalthia lasioclada, Polyalthia liukiuensis, Polyalthia miliusoides, Polyalthia mindorensis, Polyalthia monocarpioides, Polyalthia myristica, Polyalthia pisocarpa, Polyalthia praeflorens, Polyalthia saprosma, Polyalthia stenophylla, Polyalthia sympetala, Polyalthia trochilia, Polyalthia longipes