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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae, Bodilus
Bodilus acutifrons, Bodilus amabilis, Bodilus angolensis, Bodilus apertus, Bodilus ardens, Bodilus ardescens, Bodilus arsissaensis, Bodilus beduinus, Bodilus buxeipennis, Bodilus comptifer, Bodilus crassus, Bodilus crimensis, Bodilus damarinus, Bodilus flagrans, Bodilus furvus, Bodilus gregarius, Bodilus hammeri, Bodilus hastatus, Bodilus holgati, Bodilus kalaharicus, Bodilus karroensis, Bodilus kermanschahensis, Bodilus kububanus, Bodilus laetus, Bodilus laterosetosus, Bodilus liesenfeldti, Bodilus loeffleri, Bodilus longeciliatus, Bodilus longispina, Bodilus lucidulus, Bodilus lugens, Bodilus marani, Bodilus marshalli, Bodilus noxius, Bodilus nylsvleyicus, Bodilus pantherinus, Bodilus punctipennis, Bodilus sabaeus, Bodilus sordescens, Bodilus strigilatus, Bodilus transvaalensis, Bodilus zunbajanicus, Bodilus veselyi, Bodilus insperatus, Bodilus cathedralensis, Bodilus oblatus, Bodilus barbarus, Bodilus caspius, Bodilus circumcinctus, Bodilus kaznakovi, Bodilus zarudnyi, Bodilus inylchekensis, Bodilus rudii, Bodilus saoudi, Bodilus terminassianae