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Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Arthropoda, Insecta, Coleoptera, Scarabaeoidea, Aphodiidae, Blackburneus
Blackburneus charmionus, Blackburneus argentinensis, Blackburneus badius, Blackburneus biroi, Blackburneus bongorensis, Blackburneus calvus, Blackburneus caracaensis, Blackburneus clipealis, Blackburneus cobi, Blackburneus collarti, Blackburneus consonus, Blackburneus detruncatus, Blackburneus diminutus, Blackburneus dubitabilis, Blackburneus erythrinus, Blackburneus funestus, Blackburneus furcatus, Blackburneus ghanaensis, Blackburneus gnu, Blackburneus indio, Blackburneus ineptus, Blackburneus guatemalensis, Blackburneus iringanus, Blackburneus koenigsbaueri, Blackburneus laxepunctatus, Blackburneus levis, Blackburneus luciphilus, Blackburneus microreticulatus, Blackburneus minutissimus, Blackburneus mollis, Blackburneus morogoroensis, Blackburneus niunzuensis, Blackburneus nyassicus, Blackburneus optatoides, Blackburneus optatus, Blackburneus paragnu, Blackburneus puncticollis, Blackburneus radamus, Blackburneus richteri, Blackburneus stebnickae, Blackburneus tachyoryctis, Blackburneus tonsus, Blackburneus truncaticollis, Blackburneus vacca, Blackburneus vadoni, Blackburneus villiersianus, Blackburneus vixpunctatus, Blackburneus walteri, Blackburneus xanthus, Blackburneus zairensis, Blackburneus zernyi, Blackburneus vojnitsi, Blackburneus telekii, Blackburneus ohopohoensis, Blackburneus pseudocalvus, Blackburneus dellacasarum, Blackburneus jugalis, Blackburneus saylorea, Blackburneus stercorosus, Blackburneus amazonicus, Blackburneus sanfilippoi, Blackburneus surinamensis, Blackburneus teposcolulaensis, Blackburneus thomasi