Clupea harengus

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Whitebait, Split, Rounder, Digby, Yawling, Summer herring, Sugar cured fish, Spring herring, Split cure herring, Soused herring, Silver cured herring, Sild, Shore herring, Sea Atlantic herring, Sea herring, Sea stick, Red herring, Protestant, Pickled herring, Pickling, Pearl essence, Oriental cure, Norwegian sloe, Norwegian silver herring, Norwegian milker, Norwegian herring, Norwegian cured herring, Mustard herring, Newcastle kipper, Murman herring, Milker herring, Mesh herring, Mediterranean cure, Mattie, Matje cured herring, Labrador herring, Kipper, Kipper herring, Klondyked herring, Herron, Herning, Hern, Golden cure, Fall herring, Cleanplate herring, Cut spiced herring, Bismark herring, Bank herring, Baltic herring, Atlantic herring, Herring, Bloater
Catalogue of Life
Animalia, Chordata, Actinopterygii, Clupeiformes, Clupeidae, Clupea, Clupea harengus