Preserving our natural history heritage legacy with iSpot

Preserving our natural history heritage legacy with iSpot - Chile :

The Open University launched iSpot in 2009 as an easily accessible citizen science platform where anyone can share nature observation and build their identification skills. As we reflect on our current challenges and plan for the future we want to emphasise to you, our users, how importantly we take the role as custodians of your data. We care about your natural history heritage legacy and this is part of the aim and ethos of the citizen science community we have created and seek to foster which you, as participants, have helped us build over the years.

It is in this spirit, with your help, that iSpot has continued to grow and reach significant milestones: over 750,000 observations made with over 900,000 determinations and over 1.9 million agreements through postings of over 1.47 million images. It is important to keep this database intact for the good of citizen science and biological recording: not only to preserve your own contributions but also to respect the collaborative spirit of the interactions and contributions made through your own use and others.

We would also like to emphasise that as custodians of your data we take your privacy seriously and as your data is protected, so too is your username and password. It is important to note that, while your username is your public identity on the website, the iSpot Team would not and do not ask for your password. For your own protection your username and password are things which you are responsible for; nobody else should have your password.

We are proud to be part of an international community of citizen scientists and naturalists whose endeavours document species distributions, support learning about nature and raise local and global awareness at a time when biodiversity is under severe pressure.

Janice Ansine  (for the iSpot Team)

Senior Project Manager - Citizen Science

Faculty of STEM, The Open University

01 Mar 2018
Janice A