iSpot's back online: changes update, June 30 2017

iSpot's back online: changes update, June 30 2017 - Chile : has now been back online 24 hours, and we want to thank you, our valuable user community for coming back. For those new to iSpot welcome!  The site has been completely redeveloped in new technologies, moving it from the platform it was build on almost nine years ago, to a completely new one. These were essential changes to ensure that the service is both sustainable and capable for the future; without which iSpot would not have been able to continue. 

As you refamilarise yourself  with the site you may get frustrated by having to change your password; and are likely to notice the things that are not yet working such as the mobile keys and quizzes or a few observations sometimes appearing in the wrong community, not displaying in carousels or taking a longer time that usual to load. Please be assured we are here to help you log back on and we are working to fix these issues as quickly as possible. So although it is difficult, we ask that you continue to be patient as we carry on doing this. iSpot is very complex, and as such, there will be bugs and issues which are unavoidable with such a significant task but we are working behind the scenes stabilising the platform. 

We have had to make some changes around functionality in order to keep the scale of the work manageable; please be reassured that once the new site has stabilised, we will endeavour to continue to improve and re-introduce functionality. A full update with tips to help you with the changes will be available soon. So keep an eye on this front page for further news and the Help Section for updated FAQs on specific changes made.  

You, the iSpot community of users are very important to us and we value you your feedback. You can get in touch using the comments field below as well as via our contact page.

The iSpot Team

29 Jun 2017
Janice A