Code updates prior to launch of new iSpot site

Code updates prior to launch of new iSpot site - Chile :

Issues fixed in code update 16th June 2017:

  • Cursor keys now work in tags drop down menu

  • Can tab to “choose images” when adding/editing and observation

  • Hitting the return key on any field when adding/editing an observation no longer drops you back to the image panel

  • Scientific/common name lookups were only searching against the start of words, it now does a full search

  • Can now remove agreements

  • When viewing the map by clicking the “location” field, the lat/long is now truncated to 6 decimal places

  • When viewing the map by clicking the “location” field, the pin is now displayed

  • When viewing the map by clicking the “location” field, where it is a sensitive species, a bounding box will be displayed rather than a pin on the obfuscated co-ordinates

  • When viewing the map by clicking the “location” field, where it is a sensitive species, the lat/long will not be displayed at all

  • Tags have been made case-sensitive again. This will take effect after a data migration.

  • Image thumbnails now appear when you edit an observation

Issues fixed in code update 8th June 2017:

  • Use of italics for scientific names is consistent across the site, more so than "old" iSpot - hopefully we haven't missed any

  • We now have a script that will do all the observation image re-sizing as a bulk task, rather than on-the-fly. The on-the-fly method was causing some false time outs on pages with large numbers of thumbnails. This fix may not be instantly noticeable when we apply the code update as the script needs to be run separately.

  • Layout for replying to comments has been changed

  • Fixed displaying of duplicates in the species browser

  • Changed "Hide" option in "Your iSpot" to "unpublish", and added warning/confirmation

  • Image orientation detection on upload was accidentally broken in a recent code update. Fixed.

  • Fixed non-display of thumbnails whilst editing an observation - a change to browser security headers - fixed on 12th June

  • Reversed the page title meta tag so that you can more easily identify which tab is which in your browser

  • Hopefully resolved mouseover text displaying user names across the site

  • Mouseover text added for carousel thumbnails

  • Preview modal added for favourite observations and projects

  • Amended guidance text to add observation process that indicates location notes will not be visible is the observation is a sensitive species

  • Added help text for description field in add observation process

  • Fixed mixed 24/12 hour time display

  • Added number of observations being display to map views

  • Fixes to slime moulds and seaweeds groups in Species Browser - may still be some work to do here

  • Fixed issue with display of synonyms in Species Dictionary - there is still a problem with SANBI dictionary which we will clean up during data migration. Until this takes place, synonyms are appearing in the child listings.

Issues fixed in code update 31st May 2017:

  • Items on your favourites list are now in descending order, so latest first

  • Removed the currently viewed observation thumbnail from the "other observations" carousel - MAY NEED TO CLEAR YOUR BROWSER CACHE

  • Removed "select a community" from being a selectable option in various places in the admin backend

  • Fixed issue with selecting the "more info" link whilst confirming adding an observation; now opens in new window rather than trashing your submission

  • Renamed "observation interaction" to "ecological interaction"

  • Alt tags added to display of your profile image - PART RESOLVED

Issues fixed in code update 23rd May 2017:

  • Improved handling of "500" errors

  • Improved trapping of invalid long/lat coords in some migrated observation records (these caused a 500 error)

  • Added support for XMP metadata, which allows sniffing of lat/long coords from image uploads that were previously failing

  • When viewing an observation, now forcing the interactions block open as it was not clear when interactions were present

  • Re-added taxonomy to observation view page inside the id block. Previous implementation was a separate block which was taking too much space.

  • Removed display of coords and locations notes for sensitive species. Note: the coords that were being displayed previously were the obfuscated ones, not actual.

  • Modified password reset messaging giving contact point.

  • "Your iSpot" was being limited by community, which was not intended; now all you observations are included.

  • Projects were being limited to the actual taxonomy term, and not including children. Fixed!

  • Hyperlinks are allowed in the identification note field, but not by manually adding an anchor tag - system will convert link to anchor on submission. This is to improve search engine management by auto adding a no-follow attribute to the link.

Issues fixed in code update 16th May 2017:

  • Duplicate entries appearing in observation carousels

  • File upload error gives no helpful advice

  • Added help for "personalise quiz" option

  • Inconsistent 'new window' opening in favourites

  • Projects: obs map eventually goes blank

  • Increased number of observations displayed on listings pages to 50

  • Adding an observation, confidence should be a required field

  • Remove Quiz badges from Your iSpot

  • Fixed empty groups being navigable items in the Species Browser

  • Blocked accounts don't remain blocked as part of migration

27 Jun 2017