iSpot unwraps maps

iSpot unwraps maps - Chile : [upload-images-map-140.jpg] We are pleased to announce a new feature that displays the full range of iSpot observations on a map. The map page also contains some powerful search tools for filtering observations in all k


You can now explore all the observations on iSpot from a map. Click here to try, or see the link under the "Observations" menu at the top of the page. There are lots of different ways of filtering which observations are shown on the map (for example by date, by species, by observer), and you can even create your own filters and save these for future use.

The new map is still an experimental 'beta' version, so please bear with us if you find any problems with it. The maps will be in this test version for the next few months, so use our map forum to add any feedback to us and tips for other users. When we next update the map process we'll do our best to incorporate as many fixes and suggestions as we can.

See also our Help/FAQ page for additional information on using the map page

06 Sep 2010