T156 Digital Film School

Digital Film School (T156) is an OU course offering a practical introduction to digital film-making.

If you are interested in Digital Film School

If you're interested in the course, please visit the OU page on Digital Film School (T156) for more information, including how to sign up.

If you are studying Digital Film School

Here are some examples of observations with videos on iSpot:

This video explains how to add an observation to iSpot in general:

To add a video to an observation on iSpot, first upload the video to YouTube, and copy the URL to the clipboard. Then go to iSpot, click Add an observation, and paste the URL in to the 'Description' field as you fill in the details of your observation.

To be most helpful to other people on iSpot - including people who might be able to help with the identification of what you've seen! - you could capture a still image from your video and upload that as the image for your observation.