OPAL bugs count survey: Do you know what bugs are living near you? Take part in Bugs Count and discover the incredible variety of invertebrates that make their home around us. Your findings will help scientists learn more about the distribution of invertebrates across the country and how the urban environment may be affecting them.

OPAL climate survey: Help us learn more about our climate and how we affect it. Investigate clouds, contrails and winds with the use of mirrors and bubbles. You'll help us investigate ways in which we affect the climate and how the climate may affect us.

OPAL biodiversity survey: Take part in the biodiversity survey and uncover the diverse range of wildlife in our hedges. You'll contribute to valuable research and learn more about the importance of hedges and how you can improve them.

OPAL water survey: By taking part in the water survey, you'll help scientists learn more about how polluted our lakes and ponds actually are - something we know surprisingly little about.

OPAL air survey: The air survey is studying lichens found on trees and also looking for tar spot fungus on sycamore leaves. Both can tell us a great deal about local air quality.

OPAL soil and earthworm survey: Taking part is simple and fun. To get started, download one of our free survey packs, which include easy-to-follow instructions and a detailed earthworm identification key.