iSpot app launched - now updated with lots of new features


Following testing of the first version of the iSpot Android app, we're pleased to launch a new version with lots of exciting features. The iSpot app can be downloaded via the Google Play store:

Android app on Google Play

If you already have the test version of the app (version 0.4) please go to the above Google Play link to download the new version 1.0.

Features that are new since the test version include:

  • Add comments, identifications and agreements from your mobile device (and earn reputation points for correct IDs).
  • Use "Around here" feature to see what else has been observed in your area.
  • See larger photos with more detail.
  • New design makes it easier to navigate round the app, and filter observations to the groups you're interested in.

And of course the features from the original test version are still available:

  • Upload a new observation, using photos from your phone.
  • Check names with the iSpot species dictionary while making a new observation.
  • Browse the latest observations and click through to the details.
  • See your profile, browse all your own observations and click through to the details.
  • See another user's profile and browse their observations by clicking on their username.
  • See any names or comments added to your observations by iSpotters.
  • Read iSpot news items.

For more details go to the iSpot app Help page. Feedback from using the app is welcome via the Android app forum. Thanks for all the feedback you sent us from the test version, which has helped us develop this upgrade.

Click here to see all the latest observations being made via the iSpot app.