Wildlife recording schemes and societies represented on iSpot - UK and Ireland community

A number schemes and societies have agreed to work with iSpot in UK and Ireland to help people learn about wildlife, and each has one or more representatives active on the site. These voluntary representatives help suggest identifications and provide advice, and also liaise with iSpot to publicise the activities of their scheme or society. The representatives are 'badged' with a logo that provides a link back to their website, and you can see these badges every time they are active on iSpot.

The following are the schemes and societies so far represented on iSpot - if you are involved with a similar group and would like to be badged on iSpot please see How to request a 'badge'.

You'll also see badges on iSpot for the following groups:

Thanks to everyone who is helping to make iSpot a friendly and helpful place to learn about wildlife.