Harmonia axyridis_South Africa

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We are studying the thermal biology of the alien ladybird Harmonia axyridis (harlequin ladybird, multi-coloured Asian lady beetle) in South Africa and their observations will be useful for determining microclimates.

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Harlequin Ladybeetle, Multicolour Asian Ladybeetle

Your project will work better if you take the common names out of the filter.

The Googlebots and other search engines will pick up this project better if you add more keywords in your "purpose".

A nice project. The Harlequin must be the first real project on iSpot.

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Update of iSpot records

Tony, I last received iSpot harlequin data from you in October or November last year. A number of observations have been added since, and I am desirous of the balance, among others for work together with Susana.

But now after the iSpot downgrade and you not getting data dumps any more, I guess that you'll be unable to send me an extract of data? Shall I harvest the data manually? What do other people with data needs do in these torrid times for iSpot?


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What do other people with data needs

I ask Martin in the UK and nothing happens.
Times are more torrid than you think.

I still have no results from the March request for Audit details.