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If you are able to devote a few hours over the weekend - or perhaps the next - to testing the new site, please contact me urgently. Numbers will be limited to a handful of testers, so please only respond if you have plenty of time and are willing to try and break iSpot. Clearly you will need lots of iSpot knowledge, so only users with over 1000 observations are eligible, unless you can make a very good case otherwise.

Details are still sketchy ...


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I don't...

have 1000 observations - but I do have 1000 hours.

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Your name is added to the testing list.

Still waiting to hear from iSpot as to how many spotters will be allowed to test. Will post updates here when I hear.

Many thanks.

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I can help.

Please include me if you wish.

Andrew Deacon

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You are on our list ...


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please email me with your emails!!

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Does that go for everyone?

I tried and tried to add my email to my profile in edit, it kept accepting the change, but the email is still listed as the same as my username!? I can't get the email address I have for you to work anymore! What must I do now?

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in profile
click edit
change your password
click save

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Crude Testing

The text site is exposed. Go and Look.

You will probably not be able to log on and test it properly, but you can play a little as a guest.
Comments directly to me (t dot rebelo att sanbi dot org dot za please.

I don’t know how long this will be visible for.

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We can see that some of you have already been busy on the test site and thank you for what you have done so far. If you have not yet started, you can now log into the test site if you have 5000 or more social points. Please see below the iSpot user testing instructions:

1. Please access the test server here:

2. You will need to reset your current password for test site using your existing credentials (i.e. username) If there is a problem, this could be a bug, so please log it (see below).

3. We value your feedback and so need to structure it appropriately for review by the technical team therefore please log issues using the spreadsheet on your gmail account do log them directly to the shared spreadsheet for SANBI / ZA testing here:

4. Give each issue a unique reference number:
i. State the category of the issue for example, if it is posting an observation state ‘Observations’
ii. Outline the issue you are raising, please try to be clear, in as few words as possible
iii. Importance: select the level of importance from the dropdown list provided
iv. Add any additional information that may be relevant; again please try to be clear, using few words as possible
v. Add an example link of the issue if possible

5. Please forward any feedback you have by emailing the spreadsheet back to me or enter information directly to the Google spreadsheet using the details above, as soon as you are able to, but by end of day Sunday May 21, 2017 at the latest.

Please note that the test site database will be wiped before it is launched therefore new postings observations etc. that you would like to be logged need to be posted on the live site.

We appreciate your feedback, thanks again for your assistance.

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quick query please

Have done as advised. Nothing has changed. Email correct current email in use. I note that my password is not entered. Is this a problem?

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All OK

password - only enter it if you want to change it.