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The Poseidon Adventure

Observed: 6th April 2017 By: PeterRWarren
Botanical Society of South AfricaCustodians of Rare and Endangered WildflowersMidlands Conservancies Forum
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Reverse leaves

Above the wetland area, species name is after god of sea which fits where it was found. . Tall Senecio with small discoid flowers, Same specimen as reported by Chris Wahlberg on node 885727
Pooley:KZN 444. ID assistance from Alison Young.
We only observed a single specimen although we did not go looking for others. Could be endangered by forestry and livestock. Worth a more extensive search. Soil brown, clay, rocks dolerite, private land.
ASTERACEAE, CREW, Dicotyledons, Indigenous, Rare, Senecio poseideonis, redlist, SA Endemic

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Why are they discoid here but with ray florets on the redlist page? Variability?