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Leucadendron galpinii

Observed: 4th April 2017 By: Nicky vB
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 Leucadendron galpinii
Leucadendron galpinii
 Leucadendron galpinii
 Leucadendron galpinii

Redlisted: Vulnerable

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Scytheleaf Protea

Where does the common name come from? It sounds like Richard Salisbury's common name, which was probably last used - until now - in 1809.

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Common name

One of the options provided and I thought suitable?

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if you like it, then use it!

If you use it, then please record it on iSpot.

Just 1809 is the last time that this species was considered a "Protea", although of course, to many people "Protea" refers to any species in the family (e.g. Pincushion Protea), but that is usually cos they dont know that there are more than 2 species in the family.

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It was the Scytheleaf bit of the name I was going for...Maybe it should be 'Scytheleaf Leucadendron'?

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I would prefer

'Scytheleaf Conebush'

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Good name!

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Population size Count:
Population size Estimate: F
Distribution of plants: Scattered
Area of extent: 100mx50m
Plant features:
Specimen HerbSpecNumber:
Altitude: 27m
Description of vegetation: Fynbos
Landform: Plain
Soil type: Sand
Slope: Gentle
Geology: Limestone
Aspect: NE
Landuse: ?
Site condition: Moderate
Ownership: ? State
Aliens: Acacia cyclops
Alien density: Scattered
Notes: Acacia cyclops had Dasineura dielsi
T&D 1:1NYYY2
T&D 2:
T&D 3:
T&D 4:
T&D 5:
Staavia radiata
Pterocelastrus tricuspidatus
Leucospermum praecox
Protea susannae
Trichocephalus stipularis
Erica pulchella var. pulchella
Erica discolor var. discolor