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Sandveld Star

Observed: 7th April 2017 By: Hedi Stummer
Botanical Society of South AfricaCustodians of Rare and Endangered Wildflowers
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IMG_5637 L. stellare
IMG_5725 Leucadendron stellare
IMG_5634 Leuca stellare
IMG_5635 L. stellare, base
IMG_5549 L. stellare
IMG_5600 Leucad stellare
IMG_5559 L. stellare, seeds

A Private Nature Reserve with game : 3 bigger areas linked with a narrower corridor. c 200 or more Resprouting shrubs seen in 2 of these areas, not affected by the browsing animals, looking remarkably healthy and thriving.

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The growth habit looks like

The growth habit looks like Ld corymbosa. Do you have more pics of the seed heads (unopen) or the fruit?

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Leucadendron corymbosum

There was very little fruit material present but I checked the resprouting habit and these were all multi-stemmed. I know L. corymbosum looks like it is resprouting as the branches are all very low at the base but I could not find a single-stemmed shrub at all.

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seeds confiirm it

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Seeds and cone ...


My seed image is from the same plant as Hedi's ...

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The seed picture has vanished from here ...

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Replacing 'Sasol Proteas' and the little yellow book

I have over many years lost too many of my books by lending them to people who then disappear from my life, book and all. The latest such loss are my copies of 'Sasol Proteas' and that indispensible little yellow book on the summer rainfall proteas.

I haven't searched to the ends of the Earth yet, but these books are not available at the purveyors of the printed word where I usually invest large percentages of my (modest) salary.

(1) This is just to complain.
(2) Tony, is there an updated edition of 'Sasol Proteas' on the horizon?


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Should there be?

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>>> Should there be?

Now how would I know how to answer that?! That's why I'm asking YOU.