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Oxalis 3

Observed: 6th April 2017 By: Wendy Wiles
CREW (Southern Cape)Outramps
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Oxalis 3 c
Oxalis 3 C (2)
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Oxalis 3 bracts and sep C
Oxalis 3 close C

Caulescent, an approximately 25cm robust stem. Bunches of long, narrow leaves with calli on their margins, coming off the stem. Tiny buds in the terminal bunch of leaves. Opposite bracts and no articulation. Not possible to get a bulb.
If it is O. pendulifolia - Red list: Near Threatened

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Population size Count: 1
Population size Estimate:
Distribution of plants:
Area of extent: 3 x 3m
Plant features: Geophyte
Specimen HerbSpecNumber:
Altitude: 500
Description of vegetation: Fynbos
Landform: Slope
Soil type: Loam
Slope: Gentle
Geology: Sandstone
Aspect: NE
Landuse: Conservation
Site condition: Disturbed
Ownership: State
Aliens: Pine, Wattle, Kikuyu, Erythrina caffra
Alien density: Abundant
T&D 1: 1NYYY4
T&D 2:
T&D 3:
T&D 4:
T&D 5:
Species: Grass
Pteridium aquilinum ssp capensis
Leonotis leonurus
Chrysanthemoides moniliferum
Cliffortia burchellii
Lachnea diosmoides
Alectra sessiliflora
Protea coronata

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