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Tetraria graminifolia

Observed: 3rd April 2017 By: Douglas Euston-BrownPlants expert
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Your new camera?

Have you figured out the exif yet?

I forgot to mention: there is a bug in iSpot since two weeks ago that does not read the exif if you crop it with Microsoft Office 2010. I dont know if it is confined to this programme.
If so, dont crop pic 1: put in the original (and habitat or habit view?) as picture 1 for the coordinates, and your cropping and other editing photos afterwards (you can reorder them if you like).

This should not be an issue with the new iSpot version coming very soon.

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How soon is the new Ispot?

How can this be an Ispot bug if the Exif is messed up with a Microsoft program?

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only iSpot seems to be affected. All my other programmes read the exif OK.

iSpot also reads the exif OK, unless I crop the first picture - then it loads the coordinates as blank.

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How soon is the new Ispot?

Unofficially: we start testing on the 15th April.
The new version will be loaded when all the bugs are out of that. So somewhere between May 2017 and May 2018??