Ants of southern Africa - Peter Slingsby

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Our long awaited Ant Book is out!

R50 discount still applies: merely post an Ant observation on iSpot to be eligible!

Order your copy now.
Only R245 to iSpotters!
Offer valid until 18 March 2017 (& until further notice)


ANTS! How can I get rid of them?” is the question often asked. You can’t, of course. Instead, why not learn more about these fascinating fellow-travellers on our planet? There are more than a thousand species of ants in southern Africa. Black, red, yellow, or brown, from minute to as big as a fingernail, they distribute seeds, clean up the veld, destroy pests ... they hang out under the ground, in trees, in old logs and even in their own cardboard castles.

Find out about the commonest species that are everywhere around you, in your home, your garden, the veld you love, using this clear, concise and beautifully illustrated guide.

“Peter Slingsby writes with humour and with a refreshing lack of pomposity. With its amazing photos and Peter’s superb illustrations ... this is a very welcome addition to the books on the natural history of southern Africa and will surely open eyes and minds to these intriguing and important insects.”
– William Bond, Senior Scientist, SAEON

“The colour images of live ants, the ‘how common’ ranking, providing the actual size, the major habitats, the distribution—all this is genius!”
– Brian L. Fisher, California Academy of Science


Ants of southern Africa - Peter Singsby

Cost: R295

Page size 170 x 240 [portrait format];
256 pages, full colour throughout, stitch
bound with semi-hard cover with two gate-folds

Contents include:
* The biology of ants
* How to identify ants
* 225 species described and illustrated
* 400+ more species described
* Comprehensive index and bibliography

Foreword by Prof. Emeritus William Bond
Text and sketches by Peter Slingsby
Photography by Philip Herbst and 50 others
Layout and setting by Peter Slingsby
Edited by Maggie Slingsby

Available mid-March 2017

To order:

If you have posted ants to iSpot you can claim a R50 discount on ordering: for your discount email me at BEFORE you order online - this offer is valid until 18 March 2017.

Please help: this book is published by Peter and to break even he needs to sell 600 copies. Please order your copy NOW!


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Yay at last!

It took less time to produce this book than to update the ant names on our iSpot dictionary.

But rest assured that the latest names are in the iSpot dictionary waiting to be loaded onto the site when the OU gets there.

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Offer open to all iSpotters.

You dont need to have put ants onto iSpot to qualify for the discount! It is open to all iSpotters.

Your discount code is ANTBOOK.

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Slide show

You can also see a slideshow of some of Philip Herbst and others superb photos that are in the book. Just go to www, [click on 'Slingsby Maps' below] and stare at the screen. After a few moments the ad for the book will be replaced by a slideshow of lovely ant pics [and a few map ads too!].
Oh by the way, the discount code will apply for as long as it takes for books to arrive from the printer.

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I ordered a couple

When can I expect delivery?

Johan Pretorius

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Not before ...

... mid to end March. Books are at the printer as I write, it's a complex job and the very soonest is how ever long it takes to post/courier to you after about March 20th. If sooner we'll surprise you!

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I've ordered mine!

Looking forward to it!

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Many thanks!

We have about 50 orders from iSpotters, which is very encouraging!
* The page imposition, printing and make-up into 16-pagers is complete
* The cover [which had to be slightly revised] has gone for proofing.
[The cover is not much of a delaying issue as it goes on last].
The 16-pagers will go for binding shortly.

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This is much more than everything it promised to be.


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I blush ...

... with embarrassed modesty. Can you let iSpotters know that the R50 discount will continue for a while, but now they must enter ISPOT as the discount code. No more free mini-microscopes but they can buy 'em on

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Excellent book!

Congratulations Peter with an excellent guide to ants! Good pictures, fantastic art work, easy to use, full of informative text and certainly a book that will put ant ID on the map! See the iSpot ant IDs pouring in soon!!

Andrew Deacon

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Got mine

Thanks. I sat reading it for about an hour last night. Lekker!