Fynbos Petition: Help Save Fynbos from Pines!!!

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Our Fynbos is under threat again.
This time not from Urban Expansion, Agriculture or Alien Invasive Plants.

This time is is from Dogwalkers!!!

Please help us save our Critically Endangered Cape Flats Fynbos - with over 110 threatened and conservation Concern Red List Species - from an initiative by some elite Tokaaiers who want to walk their dogs in a pine plantation due to be harvested and restored back to Fynbos.

Please sign up here:

But please do so in an informed manner.

Our case is here:
(in short: this is one of the last places on earth to sustainably conserve our rich Cape Flats biodiversity)

and the other side is here:
(Fynbos = crime and murder; Fynbos = fire and danger - we want pines to walk our dogs: the 18km of the Constantia Green Belt trails and a dozen urban parks within 500m are not good enough for us)

If you agree, please sign our petition! Please get your friends to as well!
This is our biodiversity heritage at stake.

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>There is an over abundance of fynbos. Leave the forests please.

I am astonished. I did not think there was much more to this than Trovato's joke. We have a serious problem in our community. Flippancy, and wilful ignorance.

It makes me sick that these tree-huggers actually may believe their drivel. We can't merely blame it on Facebook; I think there is a deep-seated societal ill, which could have been because of remiss by real conservasionists and ecologists. But how could one have campaigned even more in favour of the protection of fynbos?

That is why I say the ignorance is wilful, and the people (who are also all lily-white) are feckless. And stupid as hell. That gets me: stupid.

Petition signed.


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It is not so much a little group of doggy walkers who want shade.
It is the issue that such a group could hijack a restoration effort in a Critically Endangered ecosystem and set it back 30 years.
And with 110 species threatened today, with 13 extinct, what will it be in 30 years time?

We cannot allow a precedent: otherwise that will be the end of conservation as people want 'their park' to cater to their needs.

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I briefly listen

to the radio (SAFM) yesterday about the forest trees of Tokai. Not a word about pines or restoration or Critically endangered ecosystems. It was just about the "destruction of the trees". No wonder there is so much confusion around. R.

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It boils down to....

either selfishness or lack of ecological awareness.

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Tony its pretty unfair to

Tony its pretty unfair to target dog walkers! The people I know who are shouting "F*ck the Fynbos" don't have any dogs. One lot has children who love building tepees in the "forest" and another lot are joggers.

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Probably true.

But I have only ever encountered the dog walkers and they must comprise over 70% of people.
Interestingly, the tepees were considered a fire hazard by forestry and doing this was forbidden in the 1990s.
Most of the joggers run around the outside on the track.
The feature of the plantation is letting your dog run wild - that is the biggest use.

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I signed a while back and got a number of my friends and family to sign too

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Please check.

It appears only 1 in three people are signing the petition correctly. Dont know what the problem is, but the petition site is "weeding out" people for some unknown reason.

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I have signed it. Still

I have signed it. Still amazed at the number of people who are virulently opposed to having the trees cut down. And they are not all "lily-white" either. Many of the market gardeners and flower sellers who have lived and worked (precariously under apartheid) in the Silwood area of Constantia are also opposed to the cutting down of the plantations. I have been asking anyone I meet in the area from Diepriver to Constantia and a vast majority are opposed to the fynbos being restored at the expense of the trees. It can't just be the Parkscape people who have started all the hysteria as I seem to remember a similar bitter war being fought over the cutting down of some plantations in Newlands (The Shout for Shade group that included eminent professors from UCT) and further back - the removal of the oaks and other aliens in Kirstenbosch in the sixties and seventies.

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You need to follow the story!

Coolforests morphed to Shouting-for-shade morphed to Parkscapes. It IS the same group!

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Parks cape wins

Sadly SANParks and Cape Pine lost the court case and felling may not continue until the entire pp process has been started from scratch.