iSpot unavailable 3 March 2016

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As you may have noticed, iSpot was unavailable or not accepting images for part of 3 and 4 March. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

A software patch was applied to the website, but unfortunately there was a problem with the process which resulted in the site not working properly. This issue has now been fixed and the site should be working normally.

Thanks for your continued support! The iSpot Team.


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There seem to be lingering problems with the Quiz feature. If you want me to document the issue more carefully, I'm happy to, but essentially, following the menu link to the quiz displays the home page - but the URL in the browser displays correctly displays

-- Matthew

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Thanks for that, it was

Thanks for that, it was working fine, will look into this issue as there was some work on the quizes recently.