Development update no. 10

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It’s all quiet on the western front this week, so only a few things to report as some of the team are on leave and some on other projects:

What has been completed this week

  1. Investigate and fix issue with API not returning full query result set (complete and live).
  2. Security update to Drupal core (complete and live).
  3. Security update to ctools 3rd party module (complete and live).
  4. Improve add observation wizard performance (complete and ready for testing)
  5. Fix issue where location notes are not being copied over when creating an interaction. (complete and ready for testing)

What will happen over the next few weeks

  1. Review “Your iSpot” performance and take a view on how we can make the page load faster and also be of value (in progress)
  2. Investigate why “likely id” function is not working for some observations.
  3. Spam audit!
  4. Continue testing OU network performance enhancements provided through central IT department (in progress).