Development update no. 8

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Once again, thank you for your patience as we work through the bug list. Also, apologies for the issue with the updates last week whereby we broke the add observation wizard – everything was fine in testing, however the update didn’t work as expected on the live server.

What has been completed this week

  1. We had another incident with a 502 error on Saturday 7th, a further update to our fix was made live on the following Tuesday. However, we are still suffering errors which we are investigating, albeit less frequently – it appears these errors are a result of the recent PHP upgrade, so we need to identify each issue and fix individually (partially complete – in progress).
  2. Investigate and fix why indexes for projects are not refreshing – the cause of this is that we are using Drupal caching to help with performance, and the caches were not updating (currently in testing – this should go live on Tuesday 17th March).
  3. Fixed issue with “Http=0″ error appearing during location lookups when adding an observation. (currently in testing – this should go live on Tuesday 17th March).
  4. Fixed issue with Southern Africa localities not working post-migration. We have imported the missing data with no downtime. This is related to point number 3, and we’ll continue to monitor whether there are still issues with results not being returned (completed and live).
  5. We’ve enabled some further changes on our test environment for OU network performance enhancements provided through central IT department – we’ve asked for some additional settings to be enabled (currently in progress).
  6. Security updates to 3rd party ‘views’ module (delayed due to other project work)

What will happen next week

  1. Fix “other observations” carousel giving inconsistent results – we’ve identified the source of the problem (in progress)
  2. Improve add observation wizard performance (in progress)
  3. Re-enable indexing of projects by search engines – note that we had to disable this due to the mass spam attack that we suffered late last year. It takes a little time for Google to re-establish trust in a website that has been used for spam, hence holding off on the re-indexing. We need to make a few checks just to be sure we’re confident the risk of a further attack has been minimised, but with the fix to the indexing of observations within projects, we hope projects will become more useful again (in progress).
  4. Continue fixes which contribute to 502 site errors (in progress)
  5. Review “Your iSpot” performance and take a view on how we can make make the page load faster and also be of value.
  6. Investigate bug we have re-introduced where longitude and latitude are being set to zero on editing an observation.
  7. Fix issue where location notes are not being copied over when creating an interaction.
  8. Investigate why “likely id” function is not working for some observations.
  9. Continue testing OU network performance enhancements provided through central IT department (in progress).