Development update no. 6

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Apologies for a slightly delayed update this week, as we had some issues with the site on Friday. Some of the team were away at a conference during the week, and we also had a team building activity which means not a huge amount report this week.

What has been completed this week

  • We have put a lot of work into the MySQL 5.7 migration. Sadly we’ve had to take the decision that the upgrade is not viable. The GIS functions in this release couldn’t cope with multiple-polygons, we worked around this by implementing these ourselves. It also couldn’t handle polygons with holes, so we implemented a workaround for this ourselves. It couldn’t handle overlapping polygons, so we cleaned the data, and built yet another workaround. Having done all this work, we are now only using native functions for simple operations on simple geometries, and these are not working either. We’re getting undocumented internal errors about data formats (big-endian versus little-endian). The MySQL developers have now abandoned their own code, and are moving to a (tried and tested) third-party library to implement GIS functions. They report that this fixes many bugs in the functions we are trying to use – and is much faster. There is no indication as to when this fixed release will be made available, so we are parking the upgrade for now (parked).
  • Investigate why Southern Africa localities are not working post-migration (in progress). An update to this bug is that locations created since the merge do work successfully in location auto-complete – it is only historical ZA pre-merge data that needs fixed and we are working on this.
  • Fix “add interaction” functionality (in progress). The bug is not as straightforward as initially thought, though we expect to have made considerable progress in the next week.

What will happen next week

  • Fix some minor issues with the “Please wait” spinner on the add/ edit observation wizard i.e. positioning whilst scrolling and only enables for first image upload.
  • Fix issue with Southern Africa localities not working post-migration. We’re looking at a way to do this with minimal or no down-time (in progress).
  • Fix “add interaction” functionality. This is proving complex but good progress is being made (in progress).
    Fix UI so “bad” polygons cannot be saved in projects (in progress).
  • Continue testing OU network performance enhancements provided through central IT department (in progress).
    Investigate and fix why indexes for projects are not refreshing (in progress).
  • Make the Spanish translation and language switcher live. We actually completed this work before Christmas; so this is a ‘no effort’ feature like the Twitter feed we enabled recently (complete).