iSpot app withdrawn

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We regret to inform you that the iSpot app has now been withdrawn, with apologies to those who were previously making use of it. The app was no longer working adequately and regretfully we do not have the resources to continue its development at the moment. The app (which was for Android devices) will no longer be available via Google Play.

The good news is that the iSpot website now works more effectively on browsers for mobile devices, and should allow touchscreen control on phones and tablets.


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Tablets and new site

I can confirm that the new site works very well on both the iPad and iPhone. As you state the navigation is very easy via the touch screens and the site resizes itself to fit when the screen is rotated from portrait to landscape modes. If it works as well on other tablets then I cannot see the loss of the App. being of great significance.

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Alternative apps

An app would be great in so far as it can work offline and synch/send later. There are open source android options that can easily be configured to send text and media (pics/video/sound). Is there a current project working on this?