Development update no. 2

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Since our last update there have been upgrades to some of the software that iSpot uses (PHP and Drupal), leading to small but significant improvements in site performance (that is, how long it takes for certain queries to be run and pages to be displayed). Further upgrades to other parts of the software portfolio have been tested on the development website, and will be implemented on iSpot itself once all tests have been passed.

A small change has been made to the way in which iSpot tracks user log-ins: users will be logged out of iSpot if they have the site open but have been inactive for two hours or more. This is partly to provide increased security, and partly because the long log-in periods that were previously allowed were slowing down site performance.

Over the next week or so we will be working to fix a number of bugs in order to:

  • Reduce the number of duplicate observations inadvertently being added (in progress)
  • Improve some issues with session caching that are currently slowing down performance (in progress)
  • Prevent dates being wrongly changed when comments and replies on an observation change
  • Prevent dates being wrongly changed when comments and replies are added in the forums