iSpot development update

Martin Harvey's picture

As regular users of iSpot will be aware, we have had a few technical problems following the merge of the main iSpot site with our southern Africa partner site. Our development team have been tracking the performance of the site, and reviewing feedback for site users, to assess what the most important issues are and plan how to deal with them. We'll try and keep you up to date with progress.

We believe that a number of the high priority bugs and problems users are experiencing can be solved by updates to some of the database software that supports iSpot, and we are testing and then implementing updates over the next couple of weeks. Initial testing is done on our development server before going live on the main site, and the test updates implemented so far are already showing an improvement in performance. If all continues to goes well the first updates will be transferred to the main site next week.

The plan is to move on to resolve a number of bugs, starting with:

  • Observations being duplicated when posted
  • Editing comments and replies on an observation changes the date to the edit date
  • Editing comments and replies in a forum posting changes the date to the edit date

We can't guarantee when the fixes will appear on the live site, as it depends on progress with testing first, but we will let you know how things are going.

Apologies for the problems in recent weeks. We look forward to the improvements to come.