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Mimetes stokoei

Observed: 9th March 2009 By: Nigel Forshaw
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Mimetes stokoei
Mimetes stokoei

Mimetes stokoei thought to be probably extinct and hadn't been seen for over 30 years. It popped up after a hot fire in 2000. The entire population went up in smoke in March 2011...

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Please send me details of

Please send me details of locality (GPS & access way), also other rare Mimetes in Kogelberg area, as I would like to visit them too for photography.

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Visiting Kogelberg

I have removed your email addresses to protect you from spam. Anyone wanting to contact Francois please do so through the 'contact us' option.

Mimetes stokoei was old and moribund, the population having declined as the veld grew older. The site was rejuvenated by a fire earlier this year (at 11 years of age) and the species will not flower for another 3 years.

Please contact the reserve manager at Kogelberg (via CapeNature) for more details and permission to visit the area. The same will apply to the other two Mimetes species endemic to the Kogelberg Nature Reserve.

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for more on the Mace Pagoda

Find out more about the Mace Pagoda

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Please check your link

I can't get it to work. Interesting point made here about how secrecy can cause harm:

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All PAP (Protea Atlas

All PAP (Protea Atlas Project) stuff have migrated to the new site: this is it!

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Why is the locality not hidden?

I thought this was a state secret!

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No: just an open secret.

No: just an open secret.

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But dont bother

The area burned again 2 years ago: anything is still too small to see.