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Observed: 4th November 2013 By: MarkandJill
Slime Mould 2/1
Slime mould 2/2

There are 3 areas like that in the photo. This one Jill touched and it 'bled' producing globules. They are on a piece of pallet wood which is the side of a compost heap.


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I've photo'd Lycogala terrestre quite a lot over the years and I don't think this is. Normally terrestre/epidendrum are more spherical, firm looking, grouped or bunched - not always.
Look HERE and note the need to get very close.
Either way, you should Group it Fungi to get more attention.
Having 'said' that, read Colin's post here

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Slime mould 2

Many thanks for your comments. I agree this does not have the usual shape of L. epidendrum. I have posted another photo of it taken about a week later. There is no sign of it now. I acknowledge your advice about getting closer and using a microscope. To be honest this is our first encounter with a potential slime mould. Thanks again, M.


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what fun

Oh, I might advise against a microscope for fungi. It is a very specialised business. Better to look closely at other, more obvious, features and shrug when it gets difficult.
See here for an example
And search through iSpot Fungi and see how few M'scope pictures there are.
HOWEVER, I have recently purchased a low power Binoscope - see
What fun; such detailed observation has led to interesting comment trails - so valuable to iSpot (and me).
Even so, I do think iSpotters may not spend much time looking at posts with, even good, m'scope pics.
Excellent second picture, well done, but no nearer an ID (from me). You REALLY need to place this in Fungi to get some comments, even agreement.
ðerek (ex Llanrwst!)

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Slime mould

Have taken your advice and put it into fungi. Thanks for your help. Hopefully will get id sorted. Cheers from Conwy, Mark.