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Growing out of the ground in a predominantly coniferous wood.


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This fungi,

This fungi has no ring visible, and the stem and cap are a different colour than the photo's at the bottom of the page, I have no book to help with an id. Sorry I cannot be more help. Maybe it is something else?

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The stipe looks quite chunky. Is it perhaps a Russula?

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I have looked at the books a bit more and wonder if it is a Grey Knight (Tricholoma terreum)? They occur with conifers, have a dark grey felty cap, greyish gills, and a substantial smooth white stipe.

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Agreed, it has the look of a Tricholoma. I notice that the gill edge looks to have a dark surface, I don't see that as a feature for T.terreum but the other characteristics match.

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Very striking -

if puzzling fungus. Hope we can arrive at a positive identification eventually.
I wonder if it might be Russula adusta, Winecork Brittlegill. That's found in coniferous woodland, and the chunky stem would fit. The gills are maybe not right, though.

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This can't be a Russula. It

This can't be a Russula. It has intermediate gills. Also the gills have a dark edge, which should speed determination of the species. There are some Tricholoma with a dark edge to the gill. I'll look it up later unless someone beats me to it.

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Tricholoma squarrulosum

Not sure about this one either - the stem seems a bit too smooth and white compared to images I can find.
But it looks more likely than Russula or Cystoderma - maybe the stem has just "weathered" smooth?