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Unknown buzzing black bug with yellow legs

Observed: 3rd November 2013 By: at6724
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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I found this bug buzzing around my house one rainy night this week. When I first heard very loud buzzing I presumed I would find some kind of bee but was surprised to find this winged bug! It was approximately 2 inches in length, black with six yellow-orange legs and what appears to be quite a sting! Buzzed like a bumble bee.
I am curious to know what it is as I have never seen one before; so would appreciate some help identifying it and any information on its ecology.
Many thanks :)

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An alternative is that your

An alternative is that your beastie is a Horntail (wood wasp),the projection is for placing eggs into decaying wood. these are a type of Sawfly.