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Water plant

Observed: 6th November 2013 By: Michael of Monckton
Water plant

This plant has started growing in the fringes of a small pond after the water level increased recently.
The leaves are about as big as a 1p piece and look like shamrock. Does anybody know what it is?

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Water plant

Thanks for the contributions, it's helped narrow down my search, well, I say narrow down....the water crow foot comes in many guises, so I've just read. I don't think it's this sub species, I read somewhere last night it's leaves don't float and these on this one do.

Anyway not to get too technical, we can agree it's water crow foot.

Is it Batrachian or Batrachium or BOTH, latin isn't my strong point.


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This is the adjective used to describe this section of Ranunculus. Batrachium would be a genus, I think.


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Batrachium is the name of section ...

... which would be written as ((Ranunculus) sect.) Batrachium (the Ranunculus and section may be dropped if obvious in context).

Batrachian is the adjective derived from the sectional name. This may be an unusual situation - I can't think of another example of a section have an adjectival form; for example, we don't speak of the canine species of Rosa.

The nearest match I can think of is Abutilon sect. Pluriovulata (recently segregated as Callianthe), where one might refer to the pluriovulate species of Abutilon.