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Wolf Spider?

Observed: 9th April 2013 By: csl57csl57’s reputation in Invertebrates

Medium sized (1cm body) dark coloured spider observed in garden in the Spring.
Please note the wooden thing it is on is NOT a broom handle, it is much smaller!

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Thanks. I thought it was a

Thanks. I thought it was a wolf spider but non of the photos I found seemed exactly the same. Given the huge number of spider species I thought I'd try and get a firm ID.

The Cornwall Guide - www.cornwalls.co.uk

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Wolf spider is good enough..

The lycosidae are a tricky bunch even under a microscope.

The genus pardosa include some very common spiders but many similar species and much individual variation.

This male could well be the common pardosa pullata - but its best to leave it as pardosa sp.