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?? eagle tracks in snow

Observed: 26th February 2013 By: Genevieve
?? eagle tracks in snow

mountain hare tracks give an idea of scale. could this be an eagle hunting hares?

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    Confidence: It might be this.
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Where are the hare tracks?

Where are the hare tracks? What do you suspect are eagle tracks?

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I realise it's not very clear

I realise it's not very clear without seeing the picture at full resolution.
There is one fairly clear set of hare tracks in the centre, about one third from the top. It's the several sets of three parallel lines that I think might have been made by eagle's talons. they were only in a small area, so would seem to have been made by a bird, unlike the hare tracks which were all over

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I can see no convincing hare

I can see no convincing hare tracks (or any others, though one or two marks look like dog or fox prints). The parallel marks could be wing or beak marks. The marks could represent a range of scenarios, of which eagle and hare would be well down my list.

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Not enough kerfuffle

I'm no expert on tracks, but I think if you were getting an eagle catching (or trying to) a hare, the snow would be a lot more messed up by the impact, and by the wing-beats on taking off...