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Eveining Primrose

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I was astonished to see this flowering at this time of year but then read here, http://www.gardenorganic.org.uk/organicweeds/weed_information/weed.php?i... that "Common evening primrose is a winter annual or biennial...." I don't know which variety this is.

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Not quite sure what they mean...

... as they (the website to which you linked) go on to state that they flower June-September.

Possibly they mean that winter-sown seeds will flower the following year, as annuals, whereas seeds sown earlier in the year will sprout this year, form a basal rosette, but not flower until the following year, ie biennial.

They could also mean that some varieties are annuals, some are biennials, but phrased rather clumsily.

Whatever, please be assured that they are still just about flowering in Oxfordshire as well!

Rachy Ramone

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A lots of winter annuals ...

... are Mediterranean plants - they grow over the wetter winter period and flower in the spring.

There probably aren't hard lines in the spectrum from ephemeral (via annual and biennial) to monocarpic perennial.

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A winter annual is an annual

A winter annual is an annual that survives its first winter as a seedling or young plant, i.e. it germinated late summer or later in the season but will flower and seed within a year. Evening primeroses will flower as long as they can and if they started flowering late in the season and the seed pods have not fully matured, the plant will keep going until it is killed by frost.