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Bug on my nail.

Observed: 5th November 2013 By: keithphotos.evanskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrates
bug  on my nail.
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thanks Rockwolf

Sorry my tree ids are no good, it was next to a juniper tree with lots of juniper bugs, and various pine type trees , best regards keith.

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All sounds right....

.... for O. depressus then which is often found in the same places as the Juniper shieldbug. Didn't ask about Juniper itself being as it's quite scarce! (all the Juniper shieldbugs I've found have been on Lawson's cypress)

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thanks Rockwolf

Best regards Keith.

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Here's my Orsillus for comparison

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