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Never Seen before

Observed: 4th November 2013 By: Barny Rubble

About 2cm in height. Never been seen here in the last ten years.


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Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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first post

An excellent first post Bernard. Now it's up to you - three IDs; Ben is right and I just might be. I don't think Ian (Thistle) is.
So go back and check some of the detail. Add more pictures and describe some of the intimate detail via Edit.
Search iSpot for Geoglossum and read some of the comments.
[Geoglossum fallax] "Requires microscopic confirmation, but this is much the most common species that is dark, sooty brown rather than black and with a minutely squamulose stem."

And then, when you feel up to it, try this

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"I don't think Ian (Thistle) is"

I agree!


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Yes Ian, things like that are glaring afterwards aren't they - pity then that we cannot remove an ID in the first ten minutes, somehow timed. Not just errors of ID but spellings, links and words, all should be available to edit in that first few precious minutes.
Interesting too that you and I were in 'tandem'; yours was obviously a few seconds before mine but in the same minute.
gooð wishes..