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Starling murmuration

Observed: 1st November 2013 By: John OzJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in BirdsJohn Oz’s reputation in Birds
Starling murmuration (1)
Starling murmuration (2)
Starling murmuration (3)
Starling murmuration (4)
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Fantastic to see the third one look's like a dolphin


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Sound would be nice

Yes, really excellent, well done John.
To music here

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Good photo's

Super photograph's
How do they do that without catastrophic collisions?

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how do they do it

There's an interesting article on the BBC website about this:

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Starling flights

A few years ago a Sparrowhawk overflew our garden on one of its regular bird feeder patrols. This caused consternation in the local starling population who took to the air. Forming up into a very tight sphere of fury they chased the sparrowhawk out of the area.
I had never before, nor since, seen this type of behaviour.

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Whilst this group were coming in from the surrounding area to roost in the reeds, the RSPB Leighton Moss Warden who was with us pointed out the birds were being kept up so long by the presence of a sparrowhawk, which we also spotted - something of a regular occurrence here, apparently. They didn't appear to chase it off though!

John Oz