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Unknown Faeces

Observed: 3rd November 2013 By: becky64
Unknown Faeces?

Apologies for the poor photo's,(so I added a few), forgot about using something for size comparison, but I would say each deposit would fit nicely on a tablespoon (not sure if this helps ). And they were close together approx. 4 to 5 inches apart. Would love to know what animal this came from. Also the last pic is the area we found it

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I wouldn't want one -

On my tablespoon!
They normally dig latrine pits, but not always. The sloppy texture (mainly earth from the digestive tracts of the worms they eat) is a good indicator.

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neither would I lol

HAHA Amanda.....neither would I, want one LOL. Only thing I could thing of that would give a rough idea of size. Thanks for the knowledge :)

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thankyou major bombylius for

thankyou major bombylius for the likely ID