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Large gold fungi

Observed: 4th November 2013 By: AmadanAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and LichensAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and LichensAmadan’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

A large Silver Birch had been cut down after the recent gales. These were growing in the middle of the trunk where it branched at about 1.5m high - possibly an old break.
About 10-12cm diameter, strong mushroom odour. Cap and stipe scaly, bulbous base to the latter. No discolouration on bruising (the cap of one had been cut by the chainsaw!) or latex production.
Maybe an Armillaria?


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Thanks for the identification

These obviously haven't read Philips "Habitat in dense clusters at the base of deciduous and very occasionally coniferous trees"!
No radishy odour noted either, but I don't doubt the species.