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Hornbeam disease

Observed: 2nd November 2013 By: nickprice
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All hornbeams in small groups in mixed native deciduous woodland (planted myself 1999) have this year developed this problem. Loss of large areas of bark on trunk and separate areas up stems to higher branches. Rough exposed surface of hard pink/purple nobbbles. No bleeding. Leaves probably okay. Other trees seem okay. What is the disease? What is the treatment? Should I notify anyone?


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Animal browsing -

Is the most likely cause, for my money. At that height, horse, deer, squirrel, or human mischief are perhaps most likely. Lower down it can be rabbits.
Provided the tree isn't "ring-barked", it can survive this sort of damage, although it increases the risk of fungal intrusion.

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Looks like squirrel

I have seen this before on other species, and given the size of the wounds and height up the trunk squirrel is the only feasible answer. Almost impossible to prevent but not usually fatal.