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Cortinarius sanguineus (Bloodred webcap)?

Observed: 31st October 2013 By: BluecarbonBluecarbon’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Entirely red cap, gills and stem. Darker cap centre.


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Was it under conifers?

That would be good evidence in favour of the identification.
A spore print should be rust-coloured, and it should have a faint pleasant smell, according to Philips. Size is difficult to estimate, but looks under 5cm, which is right; as is the season.
Yet another one I am unfamiliar with!

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Yes, it was in the coniferous

Yes, it was in the coniferous part of a mixed coniferous/deciduous wood. Size was under 5cm.
Unfortunately didn't take a spore print, but lesson learned for next time. Thanks for the feedback!