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Alpine plants on bridge

Observed: 23rd April 2011 By: jeltjejeltje’s reputation in Plantsjeltje’s reputation in Plantsjeltje’s reputation in Plants
Masonry loving plant
Foxglove on Clachan Bridge
habitat:Clachan bridge

The fairy foxglove is a tiny (10cm tall)alpine perennial with hairy stems.Stem leaves small, toothed and broadest at the top. Basal rosette of rounded-lobed leaves.Mauve to lilac flowers, with five notched petals,the two upper petals narrower than the three lower ones.It has bi-lateral symmetry.

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The Bridge over the Atlantic.

Your photos bring back happy memories of seeing this plant on the same bridge back in about 1973 during a glorious week in Kintyre. I hope you enjoyed your visit from a bit farther afield, as much.


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Happy memories indeed

Also spend a wonderful week in Kintyre in 2011.

I an glad that the Foxglove plants are still growing on the same bridge since 1973 (and probably before that)

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Flower at the Bridge over the Atlantic

I've just uploaded a sighting of Fairy foxglove from the same spot (seen in 2012). evidently there's a long-established trail of spotters seeing this plant (or it's relatives). I had never seen it before and initially thought it was a catchfly (Silene) species.

I can only agree with the other spotters that it is a beautiful location.